Factrix "Artifact" 2xCD

Track Listing:
1-01           Empire Of Passion
1-02           Splice Of Life
1-03           Eerie Lights
1-04           Heavy Breathing
1-05           Center Of The Doll
1-06           Thin Line
1-07           Anemone Housing
1-08           Over My Shoulder (And Out Of My Life)
1-09           Ballad Of The Grim Rider
1-10           Snuff Box
1-11           Phantom Pain
1-12           Southern Exposure
1-13           Snuff Box (Alternative)

The Unknown Factrix
2-01           Over My Shoulder (And Out Of My Life)
2-02           Burning Sand (Excerpt)
2-03           Obsession
2-04           Ballad Of The Grim Rider
2-05           Death By Hanging
2-06           No Trees
2-07           ProManSon
2-08           Good Trying, No? (Excerpt)
2-09           Trollop
2-10           Sleeping Giant (Excerpt)
2-11           Noctimbre
2-12           Deb-U-Taunt Ball (Excerpt)
2-13           Live in Death Valley (Excerpt)
2-14           Theme From NOW!
2-15           Silver River
2-16           Beginning To See The Light

Catalog#: STRM 08
Format: 2xCD
Released: Sept. 2003

Vocals – Andreas Maurer , Ostara (2)
Vocals, Featuring – Kadmon
Notes:    Recorded in the years 1994-1996.

Artwork By – Ruby Ray
Bass, Bass [Fretless], Drum Machine, Vocals, Tape [Treatments], Flute, Percussion, Featuring [Pennywhistle, Migh-wiz, Saz, Doumbek] – Joseph T. Jacobs
Compiled By – Cole Palme (tracks: 2-01 to 2-16)
Edited By [Final], Mastered By – Robert Ferbrache
Edited By, Featuring [Analog-to-digital Transfer, Processing] – Dave Nelson (tracks: 1-01 to 1-13)
Edited By, Featuring [Processing] – Michael Becker (tracks: 2-01 to 2-16)
Featuring [Analog-to-digital Transfer] – Ed Hermann (tracks: 2-01 to 2-16)
Featuring [Archival Retrieval Assistance] – Monte Cazazza (tracks: 2-01 to 2-16)
Featuring [Assembly] – Joseph T. Jacobs (tracks: 2-01 to 2-16)
Guitar, Vocals, Tape [Treatments], Viola, Guitar [Radioguitar], Percussion, Drum Machine, Zither, Featuring [Processing, Teakettle] – Bond Bergland
Vocals, Bass [Glaxobass], Synthesizer [Multimoog], Tape [Treatments], Drum Machine, Bass [Amputated], Featuring [Processing] – Cole Palme

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