Dokument Over Europe

Track Listing:
A01           Trans-Atlantic Phone Call (0:20)
A02           Introduction March (1:20)
A03           Funeral (0:50)
A04           Radio Transmission (0:20)
A05           Funeral (0:50)
A06           Powermarch (2:45)
A07           Powermarch (Excerpt) (1:30)
A08           Trans-Atlantic Phone Call (0:10)
A09           Baseless Vision (4:00)
A10           No Hope (3:50)
A11           No Hope (3:50)
A12           No Exit (2:50)
A13           Trans-Atlantic Phone Call (1:00)
A14           Your Children (3:10)
A15           Your Children (3:10)
A16           Deathening (2:40)
A17           End Sequence (3:25)
A18           New Buildings (8:20)
A19           Surrexit Dominus (2:30)
B01           Trans-Atlantic Phone Call (0:30)
B02           Introduction March (1:20)
B03           Funeral (0:50)
B04           Tattoo Bar Gustav (1:30)
B05           Use Humans Instead (4:30)
B06           Surrexit Dominus (2:30)
B07           Applauze (0:15)
B08           Combat Zone (6:00)
B09           Combat Zone (6:00)
B10           Tattoo Bar Gustav (0:40)
B11           Sick Of Living (2:20)
B12           Early End (1:20)
B13           Birth (5:10)
B14           Tattoo Bar Gustav (0:30)
B15           Finale (4:40)
B16           Applauze (0:15)
B17           Applauze (0:05)
B18           Applauze (0:15)
B19           Applauze (0:10)
B20           Tattoo Bar Gustav (0:15)

Label: Club Moral
Catalog#: CM62
Format: Cassette (c90). Limited to 113 copies.
Released: 1986
Country: USA

Performer – Michael Moynihan, Club Moral

“This tape is a documentary of the 1986 European tour of COUP DE GRACE, which took place between Aug. 20th and sept. 10th. CLUB MORAL featured as backing group with COUP DE GRACE on vocals, delay-machines, tapes, and pyrotechnics. The events performed on were IN VITRO by Club Moral, ALTENBERG by Cthulhu, METABLETICA by V2 and THE BUNKER by RET MARUT. Since this tape is merely a documentation, the sound-quality may vary between various recordings.”

Dokument Over Europe Inside

This cassette was published in an edition of 113 copies. Some tracks were recorded stereo from P.A., some binaural and some plain mono on a walkman within the audience. The tracks performed live were previously released on two Coup De Grace cassettes: “Commencement / Corpse Education” (Introduction-March, Powermarch, Surrexit Dominus, Combat Zone, Finale) and “Anthems for Doomed Youth” (No Hope,  End Sequence), some were previously released on various Inner-X-Musick compilations. The phonecalls were made while making arrangements for the In Vitro festival, the radio transmission was an interview at Radio Centraal in Antwerpen. The Tattoo Bar Gustaf recordings were made in a tattoo bar in the Antwerp red light district where Michael Moynihan had the Coup De Grace logo tattooed on the back of his shoulder. On one of the recordings you can hear Gustaf chasing away his aged German Shepherd dog who took a pleasure in eating bloodied tissues.

by DDV of Club Moral for Club Moral Stocklist 062 – CDG over Europe.

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