Swallowing Scrap Metal

Cassette – Gut Level Music  GL3 (1984) There may very well have been two versions of this cassette.  One version (aka The Artist Edition) came packaged in folder made from sandpaper, duct tape, foil, and wire. It contained many inserts on silvered paper, including one for each artist.  The other version was came with stripped down packaging and a Xerox style cover.

Features tracks by Autopsia, Blackhouse, Instruction, Furry Couch, FâLX çèrêbRi, The White Hand, Pacific 231, Controlled Bleeding, Final Solution, 3,14, H.G. Wells, Psyclones Borbetomagus, and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Track: Aufziehen 2

Perfected Perversions

Cassette (c60) – Inner-X-Musick  XXX 17 (1985)
Features tracks by Flagellants, Women Of The SS, Data-Bank-A, Sleep Chamber, Nurse With Wound, Hidious In Strength, Jonathan Briley, Psi Feild, Architectural Metaphor, 7 From Life, Trained Circus Dogs, and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Track: Adult Force

The Last Daze

Cassette (c60) Inner-X-Musick  XXX 18 (1985)
Features tracks by Flagelants, Sleep Chamber, Hidious In Strength, Psi Field, Daze Of Trance, Women Of The SS, 7 From Life, and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Tracks: Aufziehen, New Toxick Force

December 15th (1984)…… COUP DE GRACE/ARCH METAPHOR/MASSMAN.  Show starts off with a no-show by MASSMAN (cancelled).   Audience for this show iz between 25-30 people.  COUP DE GRACE opens the show with tapes…. “No Warning Shots…. SHOOT TO KILL”…. “No Warning Shots….SHOOT TO KILL” then its an attack ov high frequency pitches and low rhythmed rumbling.  Screaming an metal percussion shortly follow– its an all & all-out saistic war on the audience.  A large CG banner iz burned an lead vocalist iz left in the fumes screaming and smashing metal on metal.  Violently intense

by John Zewizz

Musica Venenae (Industrial Culture Music Volume 1)

Cassette (c60) Inner-X-Musick  XXX 30 (1985)
Although this was called Part 1, there was never a Part 2.  Comes with Booklet. Features tracks by 7 From Life, Noizeclot, Jonathan Briley, F/j, Controlled Bleeding, P16.D4, Hidious In Strength, Mahcanik, Merzbow, and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Track: The Deathening


Compilation, Volume 1., on the Resau Phallus label.  Booklet included a page by C.D.G. (1985)
Coup De Grace Track(s): Hard

Contemporary Classic Bliss

a compilation series by Tome B. Grieshuus, released by Mouche Tapes. (1985)
Coup De Grace Track(s): Combat Zone

19 Keys 19 Bands

Cassette – Club Moral  CM55 (1986)
19 Keys was originally an early Club Moral release (era 1983).  A recording of it can be found here. About The 19 Keys DDV writes “…The 19 Enochian Keys are the 19 ways to evoke the Devil’s help and this is in Enochian, the most brutal, forceful and oldest language on earth.”  This release “19 Keys/19 Bands” features 19 industrial bands performing one of the 19 Enochian Keys. Featured tracks by DDV, Produktion, Vittore Baroni, Sevenhorns dA-Ho!, The Brides Of Christ, Bogaert-Roelandt-Verlinden, FâLX çèrêbRi, 6de Kolonne, Pacific 231, Autopsia, Augusto Klamm, Kurt Volentine, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Mauthausen Orchestra, Lard, Ydde Nesnaj, AR/TE…TE/AR, AMVK, and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Track: The Second Key

6 Years

Cassette Inner-X-Musick  none (1986)
Released  to celebrate the 6th anniversary of XXX releases.  Housed in an over sized booklet. Featuring tracks by Jonathan Briley, Seven From Life, Cult Ov The Womb, The Mahcanik, Women Of The SS and Coup De Grace, as well as interviews with Michael Moynihan, Lawrence Van Horn, Jonathan Briley and John Zeizz.
Coup De Grace Track: Baseless Visions

6×10=60 Vol. 2

Cassette Korm Plastics kp 12 (1986)
Ltd 130 Includes a booklet.  Re-released in 1999 by Korm Plastics as a CDR.  Features tracks by Het Zweet, Hjarntortyr Med Slacktmaskin, No Unauthorized, S.B.O.T.H.I., Bourbonese Qualk, and Coup De Grace.
6 Coup De Grace Tracks: Reality Photograph Pt. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

In Vitro II

Cassette (c90) Club Moral  CM58 (1986)
Ltd 285. Includes an unused ticket to the In Vitro II festival, where all the material on this tape was recorded.   The In Vitro II Festival took place on August 30th, 1986 at Club Moral in Antwerp, Belgium.   Features tracks by Experiment Incest, Lakoste, Vidna Obmana, Hypnobeat, and Coup De Grace.
Coup De Grace Track: Untitled

Power Electronics

Cassette – Tellus: The Audio Cassette Magazine  Tellus #13 (1986)
A 1986 classic tape-only release from Tellus; the NYC underground art label.  This project is supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.  Engineered at Studio PASS, NYC.  Features tracks by Maybe Mental, Merzbow, Amor Fati, If, Bwana, Rhys Chatham, Psyclones, Blackhouse, Joseph Nechvatal, Master/Slave Relationship, Architects Office, Controlled Bleeding, Mojo, Le Syndicat, Mitch Corber, F/i, and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Track: Your Children

Slaughter Ov The Innocent

LP – Inner-X-Musick  XXX-LP-04 (1986)
“A percentage ov the cost ov this LP goes to Animals in shelters and Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. We Care. A promise iz a threat, and we promise… Animal Liberation.”  Features tracks by Jonathan Briley, Mahcanik, Noizeclot, Cult Ov The Womb, 7 From Life, Sleep Chamber, Women Of The SS, and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Track: Use Humans Instead

Sounds Beyond The Grave

Cassette X 2 (C90) & (C60) Blood Ov Thee Christ Tapes (1986)
Featuring tracks by Todtentanz [BOTC], Seizure Boys, Hiram Gordon Wells, Jeff Central, Vox Populi, Surgical II LS, De Fabriek, Vunderglas, Autopsia, III.XIV, Schlafengarten, Randy Grief, Screaming Dukduks, XX Committee, Anschluss, Smersh, The Love Stumps, Banned Production, Pacific 231, Republic, Abstract Belief, White Hand, Y Front & Coup De Grace.
Coup De Grace Track(s): Last Words

Le Petit Mort’

Cassette – Cthulhu Records  CR04 (1987)
Featuring tracks by Die Form, Zahgurim, Club Moral, Vivenza, Ramleh, H.N.A.S., Bogart/If, Bwana, Bogart, Giancarlo Toniutti, S·Core and Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace Tracks: Sick Of Living / Unwilling To Die

Men Among Mice

CD – Warcom Media  WMCD 001 (1997)
Featuring tracks by Book And Sword, James Mason, Control Resistance, Streicher, Charles Manson, Tan Trick, Soul Of Steel, Warcom, Robert X. Patriot And The White Devil Conspiracy, R²XP and Coup De Grâce
Coup De Grâce Tracks: Attainment

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