Coup De Grace Discography

Official Releases

Commencement/Corpse Education – Cassette

Coup De Grace Productions  CDG-003 (1985)

Anthems For Doomed Youth – Cassette

Coup De Grace Productions  CDG-004 (1985)

Dokument Over Europe – Cassette

Club Moral   CM62 (1986)

Last Words (aka Memorial)  – LP

Coup De Grace Productions    not released (198?)

From Fourth Annual: “The C.D.G. “memorial” LP will be the first in our “library” series of vinyl documents. These will include some neglected, forgotten musical material, though we really plan to focus on works of a non-musical nature.”   Never saw the light of day.  Unknown if this material will ever be released.

Already Dead: Anthems From A Doomed Youth – CD

Eis und Licht   not released (200?)

This CD will be a retrospective of the CDG material, with plenty of supporting documentation. However, don’t hold your breath on this one: it’s been forthcoming since at least 2002!
“ALREADY DEAD: ANTHEMS FROM A DOOMED YOUTH is a retrospective of the soundworks of Coup de Grâce. Selected from original tapes and digitally remastered by Michael Moynihan and Robert Ferbrache, the CD also includes relevant supporting documents, images, and vintage photographs. Liner notes have been contributed by two colleagues who were present during the original years of C.D.G.: Thomas Thorn (now of The Electric Hellfire Club) and the visual poet, writer, and collage artist David Chirot. “

Unofficial Releases

Adult Force – 7″ EP

Trauco Records (2004)

More than likely this is a bootleg.  Released on Trauco Records out of Chile.  Came with Issue 11 of the Fanzine “La Ciudad De Los Niños Perdidos”.

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