Coup De Grace Booklets & Writings

Many of the scans on this page were supplied by 433rpm


The Final Incision

Coup De Grace Productions    C.D.G.-001  (1984) – Booklet
Ltd 123 copies. Features collages by/of Gut Level, Broken Flag, Aquilifer Solidarity, The Trinity Ov Thee X, Massman, Clandestine Oral Surgery, Random Exekutions, Bill Jaeger, Seven From Life, Deviation Social, Mick Gaffney, Nekrophile, and Maurizio Bianchi.

It is here ‘The Final Incision’.  A small overview of subversive graphics from around the world.  123 copies.  The first official release from C.D.G,, and hopefully the first in a long line of products.  The next will be a cassette by the sound group Coup De Grace.  This cassette will be titled ‘Corpse Education’ and if all goes well it will be available sometime in the next 4-5 months.  C.D.G. has also been releasing a series of flyers covering many subjects.  These are produced in limited press runs and when all the individual flyers run out the complete set will be re-released in a  limited edition booklet.  If you would like more information on C.D.G., please write.  Until nexxt time….

First Annual Report

Coup De Grace Productions    C.D.G.-002  (1984) – Booklet
Ltd 50 Copies.  20 page booklet featuring text, collages, photos and flyer reprints.

Second Annual Report

Coup De Grace Productions    C.D.G.-005  (1985) – Booklet
Ltd 100 Copies.  Released December 31, 1985.  23 page booklet featuring a message from Coup De Grace, Retail information Essays titled; “Disobedience & Disrespect”, “Terrorism”, Coup De Grace Catalog, collages, Concert flyers, excert from “Sexual Deviation In The Female” by Louis S. London,  want list.

The Way Of All Flesh

Coup De Grace Productions    C.D.G.-006  (1986) – Booklet
Ltd 200 copies. Includes essays titled “Stage 2”, “Secrecy”, Doctrines”, “Trial”, “11:11:85”, “Ashenden Monastery” , “Film Manefesto”, “Chemicals”, “Corpse Education”, as well as lyrics for “Baseless Vision”, “The Deathening” and “No Exit”.

The original idea for this release of texts was conceive in February, 1985 and no, more than a year later, it has finally come “into the flesh”.  The texts that appear on these pages may be useful to some, worthless to others.  They reveal the underlying philosophies and intentions of their creators.  They exist for those who care to investigate.

Third Annual Report

Coup De Grace Productions    C.D.G.-00?  (1986) – Booklet
Ltd 213 copies.  Includes an introduction by Paul Anthony,  Retail information, 1986-1987 Coup De Grace Update,  The Way Of All Flesh essay, Museum of War (photo’s by Coup De Grace), European Confrontations (essay, flyers and photo’s of the 1986 European tour), News article about Coup De Grace titled “BANZI”, a request for materials, flyers, Complete listing of Coup De Grace recordings and publications, Photos.

Fourth Annual Report

Coup De Grace Productions    C.D.G.-009  (1987) – Booklet
Ltd 250 copies.  Includes Photo’s of Coup De Grace, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and Z’ev, art by CDG an Trevor Brown, as well as informative articles “How many more fires before you realize God is Dead” and “66 Questions On The Holocaust”.


Even When It Makes No Sense – Broken Flag Magazine

1985 magazine, published by Broken Flag contains pieces written by Jonathan Briley, Giancarlo Toniutti, Paul Lemos, Coup De Grace, and Nails Of Christ.  Artwork by Ferial Confine. 22 pages.
Coup De Grace Article: Potencies


It is the pervasive element.  It gains strength through time; every minute, hour, day, decade, becoming the final antigen.  No matter what any one person ill say to the contrary, it is the ultimate fear.  A loaded firearm pressed against the temple of a human head lowers that human to the basest level.  Tears pour, rectal an bladder control are forgotten.  The would promise anything.  Anything in return for mercy.  The most valuable tool in the last gamble.  They would give you anything and everything just to remain animate.  It defines their life.  Their past an future are denied in favor of the selfish present.  There is a simple reason behind it all.  The do not want to face the on split-second before the end.  Exposing the unfailing truth.   a life wholly devoid of worth or meaning.  Everything is evident for that one second… every hour, day, month, year, is held up to the light –  and found to be transparent.

So the key is to never encounter that one moment.  If the fear does not exist, the moment does not exist.  Without fear one is timeless.  Trepidation is the only real debilitator… not to say we do not value life.  One should value life, and accept its consequences.  The inevitable result is demise.  It could be today or twenty years from today.  An in neither case is it unfair.  It is simply reality.

WE ARE NOT AFRAID.  We have no reason to be.  Put a gun to my head and I will not blink.  In this situation acceptance is not defeat, but VICTORY.  You can not capitalize on that which does not exist.  you will not crush me from within.  I stand alone above you.  I watch through silence, and I understand.  Something only gains power when you give it away.  I give nothing.  My foundation is set.  Steadfast and determined, failure is lost.  We will not crack.  You have taken away all but the smallest flicker of spirit.  a world of ghosts.  No living flesh, just empty frames.  We have filled ourselves with this reality and discovered life again.  You can not take it away once it has moved within.  And now it’s too late.  The most dangerous terrorist is the man who is not afraid of his own death.  This power is ours alone…

Even When 2 – Broken Flag Magazine

1986 magazine, published by Broken Flag contains pieces with Nails ov Christ, Austin Osman Spare, Adolf Woelfli, Jonathan Briley, Giancarlo Toniutti, Ulex Xane.
Coup De Grace Article: The Essence Of My Spite

Hatred exists within me. It is not irrational. There are certain definite factors in the environment which creates and fuel this hatred. These factors do not rest on variables…. they are practically universal. In the most general terms this hatred could be described as “against the world”. Since the hatred is against a universal element and the world can be described as universal (at least for the creatures who inhabit the earth). Then it would follow that the hatred is against the world, or the earth. However, upon closer examination this is not entirely correct. Picture the world as a whole, the sum of many separate parts. If all the separate parts were each in and of themselves factors of my hatred, then the combined sum of these parts would be one giant factor of hatred. But in reality many of the parts (in fact most of them) are “innocent”… just bystanders to this eternal war. The earth itself is not guilty. It does not consciously work for me or against me. the animals & insects (excluding man) are not factors, they live their lives and do not interfere with mine. My hate is not towards these creatures. There is one creature however, who is different. Man. Man is a bad animal.
When many people talk of these things they personify nature. They also separate man and nature from one another. This is a strange point of view. As if nature (every organism on the planet with the exception of man) is one side, with man on the other. As if man is waging a constant battle against nature. But man is a part of nature. Man is equally as much a part of nature as any other living thing on this earth. The problem is that while man should be content being a part of nature, instead he feels this incredible urge to rule over nature. This is where man looses.
On the subject of religion the priests, preachers, and theologians inevitably run into roadblocks when confronted with the serious unbeliever. In trying to prove the existence of their gods, the easiest way is for them to fall back on their bibles as ‘proof’. These lines of reasoning are also easily discredited. Even by the simple statement of, “it could all be a giant hoax.” So, after exhausting all the arguments based on unfounded events (miracle in the bible, etc.) they almost always come down to the ‘infallible’ proof of nature. Nature is perfect. Just look at all the symmetry in nature. Just look at the perfect ecological cycles. Something so perfect could only have been created by a god. That is actually a plausible argument…. except for one complication. Man. If your god created man, then I hate your god. An if you worship that god, then you to receive only my contempt. Your scriptures say that god created man “in his own image”. Then you worship an ugly god. A sick god. A masochistic god of self-defeat and subservience. A base god.
The ecologist and preservationist continually maintain that man is destroying nature. But as we have already stated, man himself is part of nature. So if man is destroying nature, he is in turn destroying himself. The only explanation is that man has a supreme deathwish. Man wishes to destroy himself and his environment. Supposedly we are the most intelligent species on the planet. This does not follow. If anything, man is the lowest form of life. Every true (and noble) animal relies on instinct to live & survive. Man does not, except in the most extreme cases. Man has conveniently replace instinct with stupidity. Man may call every other species of life less intelligent than himself but the truth is man is not ONLY creature who can claim to live by stupidity. Of this mankind is guilty. Mankind being all members of the human race who live at odds with nature (and themselves). In terms of history we are a low points. and heading lower. There is no sanctity of human life. In a worthless civilization the lives it is made up of a likewise worthless. Killing fellow man is meaningless. At this point in time man = defeat. Unless everything changes, we will continue our spiraling downfall.


break the body
break the spirit
break the heart
composesd by Coup De Grace 4.25.86.

U-Bahn Magazine Issue Number 1

1985 magazine,  contains articles about Psychic TV, Boy Dirt Car, Women Of The SS, record reviews and a mostly photos, contains “COUP 1985” special 4 page feature on C.D.G. with photos, text and a listing of documents about Coup De Grace. (some of this appears in the flyer section)

U-Bahn Magazine Issue number 2

1985 magazine, contains articles about Controlled Bleeding, S.R.L. Video, Boy Dirt Car, Hunting Lodge music reviews, contains Photographic statement by C.D.G. “This Is The World Now”.

U-Bahn Magazine Issue number 3

1985 contains articles about Deviation Social, Libach, Konstuktivits, Auto Erotick, Jonathan Briley, music reviews and contains an Sleep Chamber interview (with Michael from C.D.G. answering some questions)

U-Bahn Vol. 2 No. 1

1987 magazine, published by The Arbeit Group contains articles about Eric Lunde, Intrinsic Action, Boy Dirt Car, Korm Plastics and a mostly photo essay on Coup De Grace films.

C.D.G. Films

“What follows are stills and information regarding the films made in 1985 & 1986 by Coup De Grace Productions.  These have not yet been released to the public, though they have been shown as part of past live confrontations by Coup De Grace. They were most widely seen in our European concerts in August & September of 1986.  We feel they complimented the hard sounds of our live performances quite well.  The audience retractions to our films varied considerably.  In Belgium one view called them “The shame of the Super-8′ [All of our films so far have been shot on Super-8 Equipment].  The German promoter stated that the movie were “Much too explicit and left nothing to the imagination”.  But others found the films illuminating, and since returning to the U.S.  we have received letters from people describing them as “extremely powerful’.  So we will leave it up to you – judge for yourself.  The headings are the individual individual film titles, and below each headings are still photographs from that particular film.  The people appearing in our films wish to remain anonymous…”  images available in the Flyer Art section.

U-Bahn Vol. 2 No. 2

1988 magazine, published by The Arbeit Group contains articles about Crash Worship, Sigillum S, V2 Organization, Zero Karma and an extesnive interview with Coup De Grace, as well as an essay titled “The State Of Existences And Its Immediate Repercussions”.

The State Of Existences And Its Immediate Repercussions

The past as now future.  The surrounding environs remain constant.  The illusion has been created that these settings change through the passage of time, but that is false,our research can verify that contention.  So as we crawl through this climate of perceptions, the least concrete sensations become the most important, to the largest number, the climate is warm.  Not in temperature, but in emotion.  This, aling with all other declarations, under close scrutiny is reveled a mere hallucination of the mind and connected sensory inputs.  After discrediting the “obvious” and “logical” assumptions, the opposite is discivered to hold truth.  One must deliberately take these things apart from the least accessible angle.  The resulting discoveries are often quite unpleasant.

It seems clear at this point that the most often observed state is one of naive deception.  The deceived.  Through simple exercises of concentration one can flex perception into a different light, brighter yet darker.  No single mode is correct.  Therefore one must not accept any single vantage point.  But the brighter the light, the colder the findings.  In this altered state the slightest suspicion becomes the paramount obsession.  As it should.  In our experience these suspicions are faultlessly proven correct.  That is the only possible outcome.  One can only react and retaliate against hidden enemies once they have been uncovered.

The prevalent atmosphere then is one of bitter cold.  Of course only when one has altered their state in order to perceive it.  But in all states there is a conspiracy of silence.  This can be divided into two categories: the ones who are held quiet by ignorance (a passive state), and those who consciously clench their teeth together, thereby holding speech in check (an active state).  The former are of course in the highest proportion,in terms of population ratio.  While their state is not a conscious preference, through passivity it becomes a deserved means to an end.  The easiest and least painful route is by far the least rewarding.  Both in terms of intellect and muscle.  Contempt is extended to those who walk these trodden paths.  Pawns.  You dance to your own requiem.  Now the latter are in better grasp of the situation.  while much fewer in actual count.  It is more than made up for in knowledge.  The realization that silence.  When made an active policy, is one’s strongest defense.  Once the situation has been properly analyzed.  The observer can also put silence to work in his favor.  A tool like any other.  On must silence one’s realization of the gravity of the conflict.

Isolation is an integral art of this experience.  Not isolation from information,but rather from active forces, so called “communication” is too often a guise for vested interests.  So it must therefore be avoided.  Only material which one can instigate an active, forceful investigation of should be employed.  In this state, which we shall hereby call “Isolation Formulation”, suspicions and paranoia can be documented organized,and filed.  And only in this state can the files be properly integrated and perceived.  As more layers are stripped away, greater dangers and more elaborate syndicates are revealed.  This entire catalog must then be flexed forcefully through all available mental channels.  Once done, action can be taken.  The stimulus here to desecrate: all manner of flesh.  All manner of flesh, all manner of sign & symbol, of church & institution,of educational authority, fragile dwellings of preeminent assumption.  Who by their very existence provoke our retaliation as the library builds and knowledge grows, the stimulation increases.  Eventually reaching fever pitch.  And when this fever breaks it usually leaves one opponent crippled by permanent fatigue, insanity, or often death.  Only with the collective unconscious can the tales be turned.  Unfortunately the large percentage of the collective unconscious will remain just that.

Now that this power source has been identified, and its enemies disclosed, the real war is begun.  We have no hope to ever see victory.  All we can hope for is the experience of utmost intensity.  Which is what war is.  Whether it is won or lost may not be the point.  The real battles are not fought in these concrete surroundings.  The real wars occur inside the cerebrum.  there the fields are stained redder than the darkest blood.  there the death rattle provides percussion for the most violent of celebrations.  There is where we reside.   And we have come full-circle from the beginning of this discourse.  Future as now as past.  TIme does not move in single frames.  Clicking forward.  It does not obey its own laws.  The stage has been set, and will stand for all eternity.  We are mere actors in a drama designed to humor a perverse imagination of limitless boundaries.  As it shall be,so it remains…

Coup De Grace
Composed 2.1987

GROK Magazine issue number 7: Article titled “Corpse Education”

Korm Plastics 1986 Calander:

The month of March contains Coup De Grace Art

Artificial Eye Magazine issue number 3: “The Jim Jones Family Scrapbook”

STURM Magazine issue number 1: Flyer “The Male Project”

Material Magazine Issue number 1: Collage with text “Incontinence of Pain”

Grey/Green Magazine Issue number 3: Photo’s & Illustrations “Coup De Grace”

Trepidacion Magazine ‘special graphics issue’: collage “It’s a Thin Line”

Discipline Magazine issue number 2: Article titled “Modern Warfare & Defense”

Force Mental Magazine Issue number 13: contains reproduction of a picture from the COMMENCEMENT package, as well as news on D.D.G.

AutoErotik Publication 1 booklet of graphics: Contains two pages of stills form the C.D.G. film “Homicidio”

The Other Sound Magazine Issue number 5:

1984 magazine, contains articles about Psychic TV, Dave Ball, Alestier Crowley, and contains Photographic statement by C.D.G. “Strength Through Vigilance”

The Other Sound Magazine Issue number 6

1985. Contains articles on Sleep Chamber, Test Department, Psychic TV, Controlled Bleeding, Nurse With Wound, Marquis De Sade, and contains a collage by C.D.G. titled “16 Years…” (included in Flyer section)

16 years drowned in a cesspool of stupidity a situation parallel only to death keeping the head above water trying to survive with ideals intact forces burning away your soul removing your brain hoisting your life on the operating table but the instinct is still there. Let instinct turn to action. TIME FOR A SWITCH

The Other Sound Magazine Issue 7:

1986 magazine published by Inner-X-Musick.  Contains articles about Sleep Chamber, 7 From Life, Hunting Lodge, an forward by Thomas Thorn, and Article titled “Coup De Grace 1985/Stage 2”

Our world is barely there.  A stream of unpleasant events stung together by a thing called LIFE.  This life is a wound, with infection spreading though every area; with each generation it moves farther down its path of death and decay,  Who cut open this wound.  And whose bacteria created the infection?  An old, old system was and is the scalpel, with time its whetstone.  Society on top of society watching the blade shine in the sun.  Guilty as individuals, guilty as a whole.  Only a very few tr to stop the stroke of the blade… and as a result the stroke of the blade usually stops them.  Cut open, dissected in front of the rest.  Every vessel/limb/neuron exposed.  Grey matter sterilized to black and white.  An example for all.  The wrong road to follow.  Maybe it is for the best- fatigue set in early.  But the others could never understand.  They have their own concerns. The pain of the few is 1000 times more intense than anything ever felt by the onlookers.  Fracture, surgery, heart attack – these pale in comparison.  It is an internal affliction.  Inside the mind.  Bt the could never understand.  They just laugh, insult and spit, possibly stopping for a moment to stare.  Then back to the real world, back to work, back to school. back to DEATH.  Back to their world.  It is theirs.  They can have it.  I want no part of it.  I never asked for any part of it.  they accept their situation and in turn they deserve their situation.  You get what you pay for.  You want a life, WE’LL give you a life.  There are only 2 paths.  The left hand and right.  It is a choice we all make.  For some it happens in a split second, barely registering on the brain; for others it requires a life-time.  Neither of these instances has any effect.  This is wasted in both.  The third alternative is the CONSCIOUS decision.  The decisive act resulting in commitment.  In unspoken commitment.  In turn forming a constant reflex. An individual reflex.  A powerful reflex.  The only way to reach it is to search inside.  You are the key….

Vital Issue Number 1:

1987 interview with Frans de Waard

Coup De Grace is an organization with some reputation. Their creative output so far included: music, booklets, many appearances in magazine and a mail order distribution.  But music is the thing most of you will have heard of Coup De Grace.  An interview with one of the members was composed through mail late 1986, with updates from more recent letters.

– What did you do before C. D. G.?

In used to build electronic devices, I had a group which made music with these devices 0 at the time I really had no idea that people composed electronic music at all.  It was extremely simple: metronome beat rhythms. Oscillators, distorted amplified guitars, religious speeches and distorted vocals.  I was very young, but I designed and built all the instruments myself.  I recorded a C30 cassette which was titled “The Coven Of Steven Marcato”.  That was also the name of the group.  It comes from the film “Rosemary’s Baby”, which was one of my favorite movies as a child (and still it).  Before officially starting CDG I spent a lot of time formulating the ideas form it in my mind.  Some things I later used as CDG material were actually done earlier, like the flyer “The Sickness” (in 1st Annual Report) – that  was pre-CDG.  Coup De Grace started officially on 1.17.1984.
– What’s more important for CDG, music or visuals things?  Why?
The initial idea behind CDG was to not have it be limited to any one medium… it was to be certain philosophies or ideas translated into many different forms.  Music was one of them.  But now after doing music for 3 years we have gotten discouraged.  When we started out not so many people were doing it & it was more interesting.  Now there seems to be way to many groups doing things without even thinking about what they are creating.  Actually “creating” is a bead word since a lot of the ideas are blatantly stolen.  We feel almost all of the music coming out nowadays is garbage, and ewe aren’t interested in making music in that kind of situation.  So, for the time being at least, we’ve ceased recording.  Maybe in the future sometime we’ll resume it.  Also after thinking about it we came to the conclusion that people are much more affected by what they see  & read, then by what they hear.  So we’re concentrating on visual material now.  Soon we will begin publishing books, in the proper sense.  We hope to spend more time on films & filmmaking, which is something I personally have been involved with from a young age.
– Are there many people in the USA interested in underground activities like CDG? What’s it like living in the USA compared to Europe (CDG was on tour here in September 1986)
There are people in the USA interested, and for example Paul (Paul Anthony, CDG mail order service secretary – ed) has told me that around 90& of the mail order customers are American.  Living here in the United States is not something I am particularly fond of.  It’s a very money oriented place.  CDG is not interested in money, except when it is paying for our projects.  All the money we make from the mail-order service goes back into CDG.  As does money that members make at outside jobs.  Europe to me is not so money-oriented. at least the atmosphere seems not so hectic.
– The work of CDG seems to have a good documentation, why is it important to know what’s around of CDG?
I think documentation is valuable as otherwise many things, for all practical purposes, would not exist.  Everything is a document in one way or another., All books are just documents of a writer’s thoughts/ideas/emotions at a given point in time.  In terms of CDG documentation (Live Annual Reports booklets etc.) – I think these are just an information source for those who care to investigate.  I don’t want it to be too easy for people to find out or acquire materials we’ve released, but it is only fair to let people know what is available or has been published.  Then if they want to, THEY can make effort to look for it.  With a bit of persistence and luck, they’ll find what they want…
– Isn’t a contradiction that the work of CDG has always a small edition, but with a message, so you will reach only a small audience?
I don’t think it’s a contradiction.  I don’t think that if everyone were forced to see our material, or if it were easily available to them, that more than 1% would understand where we are coming from anyways.  But the small editions also have something to do with our finances & distribution.  So in the future we will hopefully be doing larger & larger editions, but keeping our original standards.  We will always be much more interested in quality over quantity.
– Public School is a subject that comes around in the work of CDG quite often, could you explain this?
Public School (and private school – in fact education in general) is something which was integral to our initial work.  It was the main impetus be behind many of our first recordings. which appear on Commencement (The first Coup De Grace tape, now sold out – ed).  I had been attending school up until the exact day that Commencement was released .  On that day I left school and haven’t been back since.  Everything I have seen and witnessed so far in my life which calls itself ‘education’ has always upon close scrutiny revealed itself (at least to me) to be wholly against forging people of intelligence.  It actually fosters a hatred of learning.  Most everything I have learned of value I taught myself, on my own time.  So at one time involuntary ‘education’ was part of my day to day existence.  This is no longer true.  Therefore I doubt it will play a part in our future projects.  Actuall no recording since 1984 have been at all specifically concerned with the subject of education.  It does still interest us though.
How important is it to be extreme as possible or are there also other things important.?
I do not think there is any such thing as being extreme.  It is wholly subjective matter, so it is impossible for me to answer this question.  I could not honestly say that I feel any CDG release has ever been ‘extreme’.  The thought has never crossed my mind.  We’ll let the people who see it & hear it, call it what they will.  It really does not matter to us.  We ourselves have no pretensions of being ‘extreme’ or anything else.  We do what we do & we stand by it.  I can say that for the future our activities will only get stronger & more powerful.  Something to be reckoned with….

Feverish Magazine(?) Issue Number 5:

1987 Article titled “Symbolic Dissection Revealing Glimpses Of Intent”


The symbology of Coup De Grace was developed at different intervals and later placed together into one larger form (the present one)/  The three components will be discussed in the order of their origins:

The words ‘Coup De Grace’ were chosen to represent the establishment of this organization for the period of its existence.  The actual words were arrived at through an exercise in the first days of 1984.  This exercise integrated both the direct will (manifested by neurological signals forcing a finger of the hand to land upon a specific point), and the factor of random chance (the specific point havening been previously unknown and locate inside a compendium of linguistic reference).  The words arrived at in this procedure reflected perfectly the aims of our organization, and were henceforth adopted as our title from that day fowards.  Coup De Grace defined being:  “The Stoke Of Mercy” or the Death-Blow.  This symbolically representing our intentions towards our adversaries.

The figure of the two symmetrical (though overlapping) bar configurations with arrows at each end (pointed towards each other), divided horizontally by a shorter, fixed bar is our symbol for our present existence.  It has any possible interpretations which when combined together give an accurate symbol for the eternal.  The symmetrical configurations represent opposing forces.  This is the infinite struggle & conflict of the human species.  Humanity versus itself & humanity versus earth.  These two forces are perpetually headed for a violent contact, though the never meet.  Hovering in this situation we find ourselves feeling constant, never-ending tension.  For this “Equilibrium of opposites” the forces must each be exactly equal in size & strength.  Like any two extreme opposites, they are merely reflections of one another.  In the center they overlap (though not in any zone of direct conflict) , and we as humans find ourselves in this middle ground.  Trapped in a  cage not of our on design.  This cage is then divided into two smaller confinements – Above & Below.  The bar dividing our cage being our terminal existence on a mortal plane.  Or in a more tangible sense, the present time frame… the restrictive reality that is now.  while we are all trapped in our physical forms, one an gain access (through very researched actions) into the upper triangle of the center cage.  This enclosure, although still grounded firmly to the terminal “present”, is at least headed upwards, in the direction of attainment.  Unfortunately this upper triangle seems to be almost devoid of inhabitants…

The skull design also encourages many possible angles of interpretation,  This figure was originally designed as a result of an accidental realization.  A single skull was one of a series extending vertically on opposite sides of a paper sheet, which as in the past used for business correspondence (The design of this sheet being a manifestation of a still-existent death fetish).  Once as the paper was folded for insertion into a postal envelope, the light hit the paper in such a way as to reveal two skulls, on opposite folds, overlapping curiously.  They fit perfectly together – one upright, the other inverted, but both sharing a single cranium.  Through further graphic work two additional elements were added to the sides, these in actuality being two jaw-bones.  We ha then fond an appealing, relevant, and original symbol.  It fits very well onto the symbol of bars discussed above, with the cranial-zone again enclosing the triangular cages of man’s existence.  However it extends further outwards, suggesting that inside the skull (in the mind) one may find some means or escape from the traps of “Reality”.  The skull is historically a symbol of morality, so even in this larger space of  “Freedom” we still do not find eternal life.  In Alchemical texts the skull represents the receptacle use in the processes of transmutation.  A possiblilty for the transformation into a “Higher Form”.  In addition to many other possible correspondences, the verticle reflection of the two skulls also strongly suggests the ancient formula, “As Above, So Below”.

As it shall be, so it remains…

Coup De Grace – 1987

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