Gospel of Inhumanity

Track Listing:
01           The Gospel Of Inhumanity
02           The Voyage (Canto I)
03           Eternal Soul
04           Between Birds Of Prey
05           Herr, Nun Laß In Frieden
06           Reign I Forever
07           Absinthe
08           Storm Of Steel

Label: Cthulhu Records, Storm
Catalog#: CR 19, STRM 05
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Released: 1996
Country: Germany

Performer – Michael Moynihan, Robert Ferbrache, Chris Pearson, Jerry Cuba

Conceived in the Winter of 1994/95 by Blood Axis. Entirely performed, recorded and engineered at Absinthe Studios (Denver, Colorado).  Apparently there was a cassette promo release of “Gospel…” in 1995.  According to discogs it had a red cover with ‘kruckenkreuz’ cross, and was labeled “This tape was copied from another cassette, not from the master! Do not duplicate this cassette!!!”

Features the voice of Ezra Pound (The Voyage (Canto I)), and Charles Manson (Herr, Nun Laß In Frieden), and lyrics by Ezra Pound (The Voyage (Canto I)), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Reign I Forever), and Friedrich Nietzsche (Between Birds Of Prey)

Reissued in 1998 by Elfenblut & Storm (SAG VII, STRM 05), as a cassette by Mystic Production (155), and again in 2001 on Storm via Tesco Distribution (STRM 05).

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