Born Again

According to an interview with Micheal Moynihan done in Sintra in correlation with the January live performance the new Blood Axis CD will be released on Tesco, on Easter Sunday 2009.  This CD of new material will be titled “Born Again“.  Also to be released at the same time will be a CD titled “Ultimacy” will be released featuring tracks from various compilation releases over the years.

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17 Responses to Born Again

  1. Kevin I. Slaughter says:

    This seems a bit backwards, since “Ultimacy” has been the name of the forthcoming album for years, and “Born Again” sounds like an appropriate title for a compilation or rare, out-of-print tracks…

  2. Funny… that’s what Moynihan says in the interview… that this will confuse everybody. But he stated that “Ultimacy” no longer fit the sound of the new CD, and that since this is a new beginning for the band… “Born Again” sounded better. He even jokes about the confusion this will raise.

  3. I thought the new album was to be called ‘Chinese Democracy’!

  4. J says:

    New Blood Axis is fantastic news regardless!!
    And by the way, excellent work on the site to all of those involved. This has been needed for a long time.

  5. I did here that “Circus” was considered with the first single to be titled “Naughty”.

  6. Jon says:

    Finally! At long last! A new CD from Blood Axis! This has been way way way overdue!!! I wonder how their new sound will be? I hope that they don’t deviate too much to their winning formula!

  7. odin says:

    hello kevin

    what is “the man” behind monyhan in article blood axis ? first photo


  8. AL says:

    new page at:
    with links to further pages and more music from there.

  9. Ed says:

    how comes there’s no mention of a new BA album on Tesco web site, although they’re supposed to release it ?

  10. Having limited experience in these matters, but some none-the-less. More than likely if Tesco is going to release the CD they will announce shortly before the release. Of course, all that is a guess. How is that for not helpful?

  11. Goblim says:

    Any news on this?

  12. I wrote them and asked… Annabel said that the release is still about a month off.. so expect it sometime in June.

  13. michal says:

    june’s on , and still no news ..i’m really dissapointed…

  14. Don’t be sad Michal. We still have 20 days left in the month.

  15. um says:

    this whole new album thing seems to be an ugly joke…

  16. m says:

    What has happend, there’s no update no news what about those two albums scheduled for this year-c’mon guys give us some news!don’t make me give up on You!

  17. pain says:

    Just wonder “WHEN” … I liked that “The Storm Before The Calm” track … one of the best

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