Blood Axis, Sintra Portugal, January 2, 2009

Event: Blood Axis
Time: January 02, 2009 7:00PM
Location: União Colarense, Sintra, Portugal
24 € (no dia/door)
20 € (com reserva/reservation)
30 € (reserva com jantar/reservation with dinner)

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8 Responses to Blood Axis, Sintra Portugal, January 2, 2009

  1. F. says:


  2. I would like to atend, do you know the price and the contact or lacalization of the event? Will it be in the same hall where Changes played?

    All the best,

    Flavio Goncalves

  3. I posted the relevant information.

  4. rodolfo says:

    my good brad, are you everywhere? 🙂 I noticed that there is no info email, here:

    reservations should be made to or through

  5. I am not the web master… but I do helped out with the Coup De Grace section, and I have been slowly (very slowly) plugging away at the Blood Axis Discogs. Everything else… isn’t mine.
    The Net is a wonderful world.
    Welcome Rodolfo.

  6. Only today did it cross my mind to come back here and see the date… I’m not going to make it, too bad.

    I’m interested in translating some of Moynihan’s works (Lords of Chaos, Apocalypse Culture) for publication in Portugal, would have been a good oportunity to discuss it personally, too bad.

  7. Kevin I. Slaughter says:

    TheeBradMiller has done an amazing amount of work here, he’s contributed information I never would have found, and been a huge help otherwise.

  8. Sintra is a true treasure for the senses. It was known in ancient times as Mons Lunae (the Hills of the Moon), because of its strong traditions in astral cults.

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